How did social media start?

by Fernanda Barroso Paredes


The first type of communication was the letter then later in 1792 the telegraph was invented. Later at the end of 1800 there were 2 important discoveries that are the telephone and the radio. In the 20th century the first computers were created in the 40’s, which led to the beginning of Internet later on. Then, social networking was created on 1971, which was an email between 2 computers that were beside the other with the message…“qwertyuiop”. This are the first letters on each keyboard as you can observe yourself. Network improved and UseNet let users communicate more at 1979.

In the next decade after that event, having a computer and seeing social media has something common in people. They say that the first social media was Geocities (1994), which concede the user to make and design their own web sites. About 12 months after, became public and allowed people to connect with others. Some years passed by and AOL Instant Messenger and Six Degrees were made in 1997. This sites help you create a profile and connect with other users. Other sites were Classmates, Friendzy, Hi-5 and more but many were mostly dating sites. Every site had its reason like Classmates help you reconnect with people from your high school or even your primary classmates. Some sites did not worked out like Six Degrees that had to be shut down.

In the mid-1990’s social media was filled up and Yahoo! along with Amazon were established. Amazon stated by selling books online. Everyone was buying his or her PC’s. Social media was getting started and it didn´t seem like it will slow down anytime soon. While the century was coming to an end, in 1999 blogs became popular and they created a social media sensation. This blogging social media sensation made social media expand towards the globe. New sites were made like MySpace and Linkedln at the beginning of this new century. These started with the real modern social networking started when Friendster was made and then MySpace cloned it. MySpace began to be more popular because of new customization like music. Then a very popular social media site was Linkedln but this site was more for business activities like meeting or contacting professionals. In 2004, Facebook was released but first to only US college students who can only be invited by a member of Facebook. After two years, the site became open to the globe.






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