Different types of social media

1: Social networks: This one is the most common; it allows users to talk between them, and it is opened for almost everyone around the world. This can be used for making a business or only making new friends, but because everyone can use it, you must take care of the users that try to hurt you or make something bad to you.

2: Bookmarking sites: This is a form of linking your interest, for making them so much easier to find, you can share with the people your links organized.

3: Social News: This is a place where the people can paste their links of their interest for all the people to see them, by this you find a complete list of different things you might like because the ones with more views or votes go in the upper part.

4: Media Sharing: This is much known too, here you can upload all of your videos of your interests or hobbies so the people can see and comment on your videos. This is a very good idea because by images you can communicate better what are you doing or do you want to do.

5: Microblogging: This is very simple, you only need to write a short comment of something you want to express and press enter and automatically your comment will be added with others that are trying to express the same thing as you.

6: Forums: In this one you can comment and express your ideas about a specific theme in a box of comment where a lot of other persons do. Here you can discuss and even though upload media for explaining better your opinion, all with the finality of reaching for an answer to the forum theme.

But even though that this are very good forms of expressing your opinion and getting advises from other people you need to take care because there is material that is not necessary appropriate for you and also there is people that doesn’t have good willing for you and might try to hurt you.


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By: Ernesto Peña-357466


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