How many hrs a day do people use social media?

People, specially teenagers, spend a lot of time in social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. On any given day,  people use social medias for enjoyment and communication, but what they dont realize is that they use it more than they are supposed to do. Average teenagers use medias from 3 to 9 hrs a day, everyday. This may cause severe addiction problems and also physical damage and emotional problems.

Some people see their phone very often making them develope problems of addiction. These people can not have their smartphones out of their hand even for one second. They might also start caring more what other people are doing (caring more about your friends lives than your own), finding more things about you contacts by stalking ands posting too many things (like what you are doing at every time).

Dedicating too much time to social medias can damage you physically because while you are watching your phone, you forget about your surroundings and only pay attention to the screen. If you spend hours staring at the screen, yours eyes will start getting tired and you will start forcing them. This can give head aches and dizzyness. Another thing is that while you are chatting, you cannot do other things. So you become a couch potatoe. Making you gain apetite and getting fatter, or just gives you back cramps because of your poor posture.

People use too much social media a day. Making them develope problems or losing activities in their daily life. It is healthier if they forgot about their phones for a second and start doing something productive like going outside and taking a walk or just by talking to someone in real life.

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