Frequently Used Social Media

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As we all know, electronics have impacted this generation massively. People all ages, especially teenagers, have become addicted to social media, which is a way of communicating through the internet. According to Pew Research, Facebook is the most visited website since, out of all the users, 70% of them use it in their daily life routine. Facebook was created on February 4th, 2004, and it has become an essential way to communicate with people internationally. Theis users share, like, post, or comment on the page.

“Twitter is on the second place with 320 million active monthly users.” (Maina, 2016) It was founded in March 21st, 2006, and its a webpage that limits each post to 140 characters. 36% of twitter’s users visit the page daily. Youtube, the most popular video-based social media website (Maina, 2016), was founded in February 2005. There are 1 billion videos watched daily, generating $5.6 billion in gross revenue (money that the purchasers of a company make for their services/products) yearly. It has over a billion users, either youtubers or viewers.

Instagram, which is owned by facebook, is one of the most frequently used web page in teenagers. It is an app made for photo and video sharing through smartphones. Marketers use this page for their market products and services; it is widely used for business marketing. With over 300 million daily active users from all over the world. According to DMR, “9% of teenage girls claim that have been bullied through instagram.” 49% of users are female, while the other 51% are male.

Snapchat is an app where you take photos or record videos and share them with your friends. It was released in September 2011, by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. This app was mainly launched to only share photos through a private chat “snaps” to specific users, but they added the video recording and it has become an important feature of snapchat. It has an estimate of 8 billion videos viewed daily and a bunch of 100 million daily active users internationally, being one of the fastest growing apps worldwide. This app is used by kids all the way to adults.

Pinterest is another type of social media mainly used by women. “This page helps brands grow rapidly.” (Maina, 2016). It consists of digital bulletin boards where businesses can pin their contents, he says. It was created on September 2015, and it has acquired 100 million users. 17% of Pinterest users visit the site daily.

WhatsApp is a private instant messaging app used with internet that has an estimation of 1 billion of active monthly users (February 2016). In this app you have the opportunity to share a photo, video and a text. WhatsApp is internationally known, and some of their competitions are LINE, WeChat and Kakaotalk. WhatsApp estimates 64 billion messages everyday.



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